Coolness is special

The air conditioner of Param is water-cooled, air-cooled.
Water-cooled air conditioners that do not require outdoor fan, air-cooled air conditioners that move freely,
and industrial air conditioners that are essential to the industrial sites.
Meet the special air conditioners of Param now!!

It seems familiar and new.Innovations in patented design

The only unique style of the Param that cannot be followed by design patent.
Are you still using a rusty design heater?
Param has developed the industry's first round-type product and has introduced a heater that can be used as an interior product.
Innovative design and delicate touch panel, far infrared radiation for health! Now a heater changes your life.


All sorts of problems caused by moisture?Now, it will be solved by Param!!

The highest efficient filter with Energy Efficiency 1st and 2nd grade!
Environment-friendly refrigerants, R410A is applied which do not destroy ozone layer.
We have achieved energy savings by minimizing the power consumption to the same level.
The dehumidifier of Param with easy operation and high safety. Check it out now!

We shifted a viewpoint ofsterilization and design

Innovative design and powerful air sterilization ability that you have never seen before!
It is Param’s pride. We think home appliances as one of the products but interior design..
The new air sterilizer, launched in 2017, will manage your air with smarter features and a perfect design.