• Existing air conditioner
  • duct type

  • Installation convenience

    Existing air conditioner Existing air conditioner outdoor fan requires fixed installer because it is fixed type.
    duct type Vertical panel is placed between duct type window gap and ventilation hose coming out from the back side of the main body. The hot air generated from the air conditioner is discharged to the outside.
    E-PARAM Consumers are recommended to use the outdoor fan to hang it out of the window, close the window with a window kit, and plug in only the electric cord.

  • Cooling capacity

    Existing air conditioner outdoor fan is separated, cooling capacity is excellent.
    duct type The air cooled in the duct type room is sucked in again, the hot refrigerant is cooled, and then discharged through the ventilation hose to the outside. As a result, the room temperature cannot be lowered.
    E-PARAM outdoor fan is separated, cooling capacity is excellent.

  • Credibility

    Existing air conditioner Secured credibility due to existing air conditioner business for many years.
    duct type Chinese company development manufacture.
    E-PARAM Since its establishment in 2000, it has been continuously engaged in research and development and manufacturing, member of Korea Refrigeration & Refrigeration Association of Korea.

  • Durability

    Existing air conditioner Excellent durability of existing
    duct type If a foreign wind blows from the outside of the duct to the duct, foreign matter such as dust or the like is introduced into the machine, the exhaust fan motor is overloaded, resulting in deterioration of the compressor performance.
    E-PARAM Excellent durability of existing

  • In general

    Existing air conditioner Although existing air-conditioning brands have high reliability and excellent cooling capacity, there are disadvantages that professional installers are necessary for installation and transfer. It is relatively expensive and consumes a large amount of power due to the super-cooling in real life.
    duct type Duct type Chinese products are the main types, and the cooling principle itself does not drop the room temperature. Suitable for spot cooling rather for family use.
    E-PARAM It is economical and efficient because you can buy it directly from the store and use it by plugging it in. Cooling capacity is excellent and it is easy to store in low season. It combines excellent cooling capacity of existing air conditioner and installation convenience of duct type. We have developed products with Korean technology and brand image is weak now, but we built a solid image in the industry with responsibility for quality technology and quality.