The best technology for the integrated watercon and high-efficiency heat exchanger material without

outdoor fan. E-PARAM aims to develop more convenient product and more efficient product.
We developed next-generation air-conditioner with no water-cooled outdoor fan, it created an innovative wind, and was loved by many customers as well as a company with excellent green energy.

  • E-PARAM products

    High efficiency Ventilator , High efficiency Unity Fan Tube, Double tube condenser, Cylindrical small condenser, Vertical type condenser, Air-cooled removable and separable air conditioner, Air-cooled outdoor type detachable air conditioner,
    Water-cooled package water container, Water-cooled portable watercon, Water-cooled ceiling watercon, Evaporative package watercon, Air-cooled roof watercourse, Air-cooled heat pump, Heat pump watercon

  • E-PRARAM Technology

    Unity Fan Tube development and production technology, Double tube condenser development and production technology, Vertical condenser development and production technology, Integrated watercon development and production technology, Next generation watercon development technology, Air-cooled detachable A/C development technology

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    Entering the market with its own brand

Comparison of Watercooling / Air cooling features

  • Watercon Water cooling air conditioner features

    - Convenient installation
    No need to install outdoor fan
    - Space utilization
    It is easy to use space because there is no outdoor fan such as between building and veranda, roof
    - Environment friendly
    There is no damage to the building exterior due to the installation of the outdoor fan, and there is no dispute with the neighbors due to the noise and heat generated in the outdoor fan
    * Compliance with the Act on the Installation of Outdoor Equipment (Article 238, Paragraph 328 of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation)
    - Condensate recycling
    Decrease power consumption by recycling condensate generated by self-generated air conditioner
    - Safety
    There is no danger of the outdoor unit being stolen, broken, or falling. No risk at all
    - Alternative construction of central air conditioning and heating and air-conditioning facilities
    Reduced initial building equipment costs, no need for cooling tower and facility management Optimized for simple, underground shopping malls, large shopping malls, and intelligent buildings.
    - Suitable for a lot of heat generating equipment
    There are a lot of heat-generating equipment such as underground space, restaurant, kitchen, officetel, hotel, motel, fax /copier / computer Suitable for office, computer room, laboratory and movie theater

  • Moving Air-Cooled Air Conditioner features

    - New concept DIY air conditioner
    Consumer installs only by inserting electric cord without the help of professional installer
    - Convenient mobility
    Easy to use air conditioner in living room, kitchen and children room
    - Rational cooling
    Removing inefficiencies such as cooling the entire apartment living room. It cools only the necessary space
    - Convenient storage and space utilization
    In the off-peak season, it does not occupy living space unnecessarily by storing
    - Condensate recycling system
    When the air conditioner is started, the self-generated condensate is sprayed / evaporated to the outdoor fan No equipment required and increased power saving and cooling efficiency
    - Excellent economy
    No need for separate installation and prevailing costs and reduces power consumption by recycling condensate for cooling

Condensing Unit

  • Wall mounting installationn

  • Window type installation

  • Ceiling cassette type 4 installation

  • Integrated installation